External Communications and media relations
Communicating clients’ messages with target media institutions through the preparation, distribution and monitoring of proactive news stories, features and case studies. The leading element of any public relations program also entails the organization of press conferences, negotiation of exclusive interviews, as well as the organization of media training seminars/workshops.
Corporate relations – business to business
The main objective of this area is to position the organization as an authority in the industry (i.e. tourism, trade, banking, finance, FMCG, etc.). Organization of seminars, workshops, and themed business events play a major part in the tactics used in this area of public relations.
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
CSR is about aligning business values with the expectations of stakeholders – investors, customers, employees, and the society as a whole. Adopting a full and thorough CSR program should not center on philanthropy or charitable donations but is more importantly connected to corporate behavior that is intended to aid the corporation in its competitive advantage by strengthening its brand image, improving risk management, retaining loyal employees, in addition to enhancing its visibility in the market.
Renno Communications Group’s CSR practice will provide counsel to corporations operating in the Middle East using an in-house developed technique – R.U.N. – which works on Researching the Client’s internal operations; Understanding its stakeholders and benchmarking against other programs competitors are engaged in; and finally Networking to customize the best possible program that meets the objectives and goals of the company.
Product launches
Renno Communications Group provides solid advice and execution of specialized events aimed at creating a “buzz” and public interest around the launch of new products.
Internal communications
It is crucial for any organization to communicate a unified message and establish a corporate culture, thus ensuring that company philosophy and practices are exercised in uniformity.
Events management
Although this field may be regarded as a stand-alone area of specialization, separate from public relations, our agency provides this service and the support necessary in order to organize, plan and implement successful events locally or regionally.
Crisis management
In the unfortunate event of a breaking crisis situation, it is important to react promptly and engage the crisis in a professional manner. We coordinate and work with all clients on ways and means of managing a crisis situation. Whether it is a small internal dispute or a full-blown reputation damaging crisis, at Renno Communications Group we brief the client in advance on all precautionary measures to take in order to:

  • Spot an arising crisis before it reaches the company gates
  • Provide an accessible team of professional public relations practitioners to contain and manage a crisis situation

360° Corporate Communications

At Renno Communications Group, our team of professional and experienced journalists and communications practitioners can provide public and private institutions with management consulting services for setting up or restructuring their internal corporate communications departments.


Renno Communications Group has designed and worked extensively on a system to provide corporations with the tools to empower their staff to implement advanced and self reliant corporate communication programs, through providing, but not limited to, the following:

  • Establishing management structure
  • Assigning roles and responsibilities
  • Setting up internal processes and procedures
  • Identifying core corporate communication messages to relay and disseminate to external audiences
  • Unifying and to a certain extent centralizing PR tactics and activities within the core subsidiaries (in case of a Group/Holding entity)
  • Creating corporate guidelines and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to be followed and adhered to in all external and internal communication activities – whether by the Group and/or the subsidiaries
  • Providing ongoing advice and lending necessary assistance with selection procedures of suppliers, including support in the evaluation of sponsorship proposals

Renno Communications Group has designed a professional methodology with the aim of measuring the degree of knowledge and grasp of the public relations discipline amongst the staff within internal corporate communications departments, by implementing the following:

  • Assessing Public Relations strengths and weaknesses of corporate communication team
  • Training Gap Analysis
  • Supervising professional training and development of team

In today’s fast paced world, accountability and measurability are key principles of management; hence evaluation needs to be more than informal and anecdotal.
As a result, Renno Communications Group provides clients with the support they require to implement a comprehensive and ongoing audit of the public relations programs before, during and post implementation, in order to ensure that the deliverables meet with the promises and accountability is in place.


Through its corporate publishing department, Renno Communications Group offers corporations professional consulting and execution services to assist with the proper dissemination of corporate messages to both internal and external audiences.
From company profiles to annual reports and internal/external newsletters, Renno Communications Group provides an A-Z solution that can support organizations in strengthening their brand equity among their stakeholders.


Through its vast knowledge of the Middle East, Renno Communications Group offers comprehensive analysis of the major markets across the region through providing clients with knowledge analysis reports of key sectors and industries. Whether you are an already established entity in the Middle East that is interested to know more about your market or you are considering expanding your reach to other markets in the region, or you may be an international corporation requiring market know-how prior to considering launching in the region, Renno Communications Group can provide Market Intelligence tactics that entail many services, among them:

  • Media Landscape per market or comprehensive
  • Benchmarking against competitors
  • Perception Audit reports – general and customized
  • Sector surveys and reports

Innovative Events Concepts

calender_image_2_635776752542707182Whether you’re intrigued by the art of baking or just love to savor a fresh, out-of-the-oven sourdough bread, a salty pretzel, a cream-filled tasty bagel, a mouth-watering Zaatar Manoushe, or a piece of coffee cake, Renno Communications Group took a major leap with the conceptualization and organization of the first Dubai Bake Festival, which took place on 20-21 November 2015.

We have planted the seed for what will become the baking industry’s foremost platform, bringing both bakers and retailers of savory and sweet goods, under one roof.

Our objective is to celebrate baking and to allow visitors to spend a day – or two – in a festive atmosphere, where known bakers can share their trade secrets; retailers can exhibit their fresh products; visitors can taste the best baked goods the town has to offer; and children can enjoy a fun play area and the opportunity to learn some tricks of the baking trade as well.


The first edition of the Dubai Bake Festival included a number of activities that we will work on developing further for the second edition of the Festival, in addition to add more exciting and engaging ones for the public and would-be bakers.
In the following slides we will highlight the major activities organized at the first Dubai Bake Festival 2015, with focus on:

  1. The first Dubai Bake Festival ‘Master Baker’ Competition
  2. The first Dubai bake Festival ‘Inter-school’ Baking Competition
  3. Baking Workshops, managed by our culinary school partner, SCAFA
  4. Pizza eating competition



Renno Communications Group believes in the development of a Full Circle of services in order to ensure that each client’s account is managed in the most professional manner and provided with all the strategic tactics that are required to manage its reputation.

As such, Renno Communications Group launched its Service Quality Consulting practice that includes the following tactics:

The Market Research Society defines Undercover Shopping (AKA Mystery Shopping) as: “The use of individuals trained to observe, experience and measure the customer service process by acting as a prospective customer and undertaking a series of pre-determined tasks”.
Renno Communications Group offers clients with advanced and thorough implementation of Undercover Shopping services across all sectors – Retail, Hotels/Hospitality, Bank and Financial institutions, Telecommunications, Automobiles, Aviation, to name a few. The service encompasses confidential evaluation and analysis of the clients’ distributors/agents, staff and management.
Renno Communications Group can customize and manage external/internal surveys to gauge recipients’ feedback on certain issues related to the Client.
  • Media
  • Employees
  • Clients/Distributors/Dealers
  • Events
  • Shareholders (Public Companies)
  • Readers (External Newsletters)